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Do I Need A Lawyer If A Car Accident Is Not My Fault?

When a car accident happened and there are injuries, there are many questions that may linger in your mind. In the event that you are not a fault, you may wonder if you should hire a lawyer. The truth of the matter is that you will need an experienced attorney to help you navigate the legal systems and get to learn your rights. In instances where it is not your fault, you should be compensated for the damages. An experienced accident lawyer will help you with the compensation claims and lawsuits if any.

Dealing with Financial Obligations

Auto accidents come with their own fair set of challenges and one of the issues that you will face is a financial burden. If you are injured, there are medical expenses and treatment costs that you will incur. In addition to this, there are other losses that may not be directly involved with the treatment process like loss of wages.

Hiring a professional and experienced lawyer makes the journey easier for you. Insurance companies may be quick to make an offer right after the accident, which is tempting as you have financial obligations. Unfortunately, you should remember that insurance adjusters do not have your interests at heart.

Working with an auto accident lawyer is the best way to make sure that the compensation you get is the one you deserve. Most accident victims are not able to go up against insurance companies and end up settling for whatever compensation they are given. By choosing an experienced lawyer, you will be able to build a strong case to go against those who are liable. A

How Auto Accident Lawyers Help Maximize Your Compensation

For most people, after an accident, they cannot be able to determine the amount of compensation they need. This is what insurance adjusters take advantage of and will try to show you that it is the best deal. However, an experienced auto accident knows all the costs to include as part of the damages. With such experience, they are able to come up with a comprehensive claim. Some of the damages that lawyers can help you recover include:

  1. Current and future medical bills
  2. Lost wages
  3. Pain and suffering
  4. Loss of quality of life
  5. Psychological damage

The process of negotiating with insurance companies can be quite draining. As a matter of fact, most accident victims end up settling for any compensation offered. Insurers look for all possible ways to protect themselves and as such, they will get you in a position where you cannot seek additional compensation in the future. It is only a professional car accident attorney who can help you with this process.


If you have been wondering if you should hire a car accident lawyer, we hope that this article has painted a clear picture why you need an attorney. You will have all your ends covered when you have a professional and experienced auto accident lawyer in your corner.

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What Claims Can You Make for Child Playground Injuries?

There are so many times that children are injured while playing in the playground. In most cases, the accidents happen as a result of the negligence of the facility or a poorly maintained play area. When your child suffers some injuries while playing, there are legal actions that you can take. The main challenge will be to prove that the injuries sustained are a direct result of the negligence of the supervisors of the facility. To this end, you will need the services of our professional personal injury lawyer to help you out.

Duty to Supervise Kids in the Play Area

Generally, any facility that has a playground needs to ensure that proper care and supervision is given to the kids. As such, when your child is injured while they are playing, you have a legal right to seek claims. The facility should put all efforts in place to ensure that the children are being supervised in a reasonable manner. The injuries that happen in the playground are taken to be a breach of this legal right. Seeking the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer will be helpful in proving the negligence of the defendant.

Types of Playground Injuries

There are quite a number of playground injuries that children end up sustaining. Some of the common injuries include:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Bruises, cuts, and abrasions
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Sexual assault injuries
  • Injuries from fights and bullying

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Filing for a Playground Injury Claim

When you need to file for a claim for playground injuries, the defendants may include the employees, board members, and others who are involved in the running of the facility. The person on duty during the accident will also be liable and charged with negligence. It is important to note that there are time limitations for such lawsuits and you should strive to beat the deadline. Working with a professional playground injury lawyer will be of great benefit. The issue of playground negligence can take a number of forms including:

  • Inadequate supervision
  • Improperly staff
  • Bad lighting
  • Inadequate, malfunctioning, or nonexistent security cameras
  • Inadequate or nonexistent security controls or measures in place
  • Failure to protect against risks of foreseeable harm
  • Failure to protect against criminal acts by others

The general assumption is that playgrounds need to be safe for children. This is the only way that they can have fun without suffering injuries. Most parents trust schools and other facilities to take care of their children while they are playing. When your child is injured, you will be in your legal rights to take action against the institution and file for damages.

Final Thoughts

When your child is injured while playing, you may feel that you should have done better as a parent. As such, seeking damages for the playground injuries will be part of the protection you can offer your child. Get an experienced personal injury lawyer to help with the filing of a claim against the defendants.

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Why You Should Not File a Car Accident Claim Alone

When you go through the internet, there is a whole lot of information that is shared. The fact that car accidents are common makes it a popular question on how to file for car accident claims. In cases where there are no injuries or death involved, it may be relatively easier to file for such claims. However, if you have been injured or have lost a loved one to a road accident, it is best to hire an experienced car accident lawyer. This is the only way that you will be assured of getting the rightful settlement.

If you are thinking of taking up the matter on your own, just take a break and read this article. You will understand why it is important to work with a lawyer for filing and pursuing the claims. Let us look at some of the factors.

The Process is Complicated

While most people may assume that filing for a car accident claim is a simple matter, it is way complicated than you can ever imagine. To make matter worse the insurance companies will do all they can so as not to end up paying large claims. The insurance adjusters will use uncouth means to try and undercut the claim. An experienced attorney will help you navigate these murky waters and you will get all damages compensated.

Insurance Laws

There are some states where there have some complicated insurance laws like no-fault law. In such cases, it is the driver who is expected to use their policy to pay for damages in the event of an accident with injuries. However, there is a limit to such policies and it means that when the damages exceed the limit, you may hit a dead end. When working with a competent auto accident lawyer, they will find a way to handle such technicalities in your favor.

Get the Rightful Compensation

When you have sustained injuries, most people tend to focus on the medical expenses when filing for the claims. This means that you will end up being with a lower compensation that the deserved one. The advantage of working with an experienced lawyer is the fact that they consider other things like loss of income, therapy treatments, trauma, anxiety, and other damages that are related to the accident.

How to Get the Best Outcome for Car Accident Claims

Do you know that everything that you do or say from the moment the accident happens can affect the outcome? As such, you should be careful so as not to mess up the chances of getting a favorable outcome. The best thing is to contact a professional car accident lawyer as soon as the accident happens. With an expert guiding you it becomes easier to do the right thing.

If you have been involved in a car accident, do not attempt to file for the claims on your own as you may not succeed. Hire a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer for the best results.…

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Top 6 skills every good personal injury attorney must have

Choosing the right attorney to represent your interests in claim settlement is the initial step of winning an injury case. If you hire the wrong attorney, it may take years to resolve a case that otherwise could have taken months. 

When deciding whether a personal injury attorney is qualified to handle your case, here are some very important skills that a good personal injury attorney must-have. 

  1. Speaking skills 

Not only a personal injury attorney, but all attorneys must be able to communicate clearly and concisely. How confident is the attorney in front of a group of people? Does the attorney have a consistent flow of words? A good personal injury attorney must be able to present your case before juries in a courtroom confidently. 

Furthermore, the attorney must have the ability to convey legal information and terminologies in a way that everyone can understand. If you can’t understand your injury attorney, neither will the jury. 

  1. Listening skills 

A good personal injury attorney must properly listen to your story and evaluating it from all angles in order to understand the case properly. Otherwise, the attorney may miss some important points that could cost your case tremendously. 

  1. Research and Investigation Skills 

Keep in mind that for your case to win, it must be backed up with facts. Otherwise, no one will listen to you even if your case is strong. A good personal injury attorney must be able to research and investigate all the aspects of the case in order to build a strong case. 

Furthermore, a good attorney should be able to explore large amounts of information in detail and get the required facts of the case. 

  1. Analytical skills 

A good attorney must be able to listen to your case and analyze it from all angles. This means analyzing the case from a prosecutor’s point of view, and vice versa. They should also be quick to analyze large amounts of information and be able to respond to matters appropriately that arise in the courtroom. 

  1. Creativity and Decisions making skills 

A good attorney should understand the case in detail and come up with logical and reasonable facts. There will be many judgment calls that may require critical thinking and making. For instance, a good attorney should be able to review your case and advice you on the best course of action to take. 

Furthermore, a good attorney should have quality creativity when it comes to solving problems. Sometimes a case may turn ugly, and it’s an attorney’s responsibility to think out of the box and come up with a creative solution. 

  1. Accountability and persistent skills 

If a personal injury attorney is not accountable to the people they work for, work with, or the client they represent, they are likely to lose or delay the settlement process. 

Furthermore, a good personal injury attorney shouldn’t be easy to surrender. The attorney must be willing to fight for the best settlement that your case is worth. But keep in mind that sometimes failure is inevitable – so it may come a time to surrender. 


Choosing a good personal injury attorney is important as he or she has a huge impact on the success or failure of your case. A good attorney will fight for you to the end. 

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